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Dean Hammond, owner of Staycation Pools has spoken with a representative from the Ontario Government hotline with regards to our ability to work.


Good news.


Pool builders fall under ‘residential construction,’ and so, we are able to continue to work on jobs that have been started, or where permits have been issued before April 17th. 


We requested email confirmation to post here (for your viewing pleasure), and have been told this will be updated on the website in the next day or so. Stay tuned. 


Staycation Pools will continue to follow the government’s rules to stay safe so you can have a staycation in your backyard!


Staycation Pools is committed to keeping our customers and employees safe with a firm peace of mind amongst the COVID-19 pandemic. Although most of our work is outdoors, our crew wears Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to store pick-ups and are provided with antibacterial sanitizer in each work vehicle. We are listening closely to the CDC and Public Health Agency of Canada’s guidelines regarding the pandemic and continue to physically distance where possible.


**Staycations Pools asks that you maintain physical distancing while interacting with employees and inform us immediately if you or someone in your home has come into contact with someone who has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. **

Staycation Pools History

Staycation Pools Inc, formerly known as Dean Hammond Pools has over 20 years of pool building experience and is committed to providing the highest quality workmanship in all our projects. We work with a network of local cement, landscaping, and equipment companies to add beauty and durability to your property that is handcrafted by our dedicated team. Growing from a one-man operation to employing the fabulous team we have today, Staycation Pools continues to provide exceptional service and the highest quality workmanship in the London community.

There's something special about the kind of product you get out of an authentic, quality build. I wouldn't put my name on the line for anything less. 

- Dean Hammond, owner and     operator of Staycation Pools

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