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Meet our Team!

Dean Hammond

As owner and operator of Staycation pools for the last 20 years, he has been building pools in the area since he was 15. He has a wealth of pool-building and cement stamping knowledge, and he’s not afraid to use it. As a father of 3, Dean knows the importance of having a relaxing spot that families can use to create fun memories - he also understands the essentialness of an escape!

Trent Watson

Taking the title of our first Staycation employee, Trent has been with us for 6 Years. A London local and golf enthusiast, Trent is both experienced and knowledgeable of various local partners and services that can help add to your backyard. Trent is a dedicated team member!

Justin Bueckert

Justin has been a passionate addition to the Staycations crew for just over 2 years. He is multi-skilled in carpentry and pool building and frequently uses his creative mind to help our customers design their space. Justin is also a talented photographer and is behind most of our social media photos and videos!

Jake Little

As our most recent Staycation addition, Jake has been working extremely hard at learning our process during his first summer with us. Jake is a Huron County native and spends most of his free time writing and publishing his own books! Jake has been an ambitious addition to our team and continues to build on his experience and responsibilities daily. 

Each of our highly trained team members will not only assist you in the decision process, but will also be available to help plan out any other aspects of your yard.

We love to help create a personalized paradise!

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