Our customers love to ask, and we are eager to answer! Here are the answers to some of our Frequently Asked Questions: 

Does Staycation Pools do pool openings and closings?

Yes! You can count on us to properly open and close your pool to protect your beautiful backyard investment. Our openings and closings happen April through November on pools we have built.

What size should my pool be and what shape should I choose?

What are you envisioning? It really depends on your budget and the size of your backyard; our team can help you decide what size/shape would fit best in your yard. We will do our best to make your vision come to life!

Chlorine or saltwater pool…Which is best?

Generally, saltwater pools are easily maintained economically and for instances where you go away during open-pool months as it is always (naturally) producing chlorine. Although chlorine pools do not cause damage to pool features the way salt water can, it still requires more frequent maintenance.

Can a pool be installed in my sloped backyard?

Absolutely! We would use retainer walls to keep the structure, and it is totally doable.

Does Staycations offer concrete work and landscaping upon the pool installation?

Staycation Pools is happy to offer a variety of concrete work such as: patios, pool decks, driveways, offering brushed, stamped, or colour concrete for added personality. Check out our Gallery for inspiration! In addition, we recommend and work closely with Mckinnon Gardens for all of your landscaping needs!

How long does a pool typically take to be installed?

This depends solely on the size of the project! A basic pool would take 2-3 weeks from breaking the ground to swimming in your pool; added features, size and customization requires more planning and time to install.

What features can I add to my pool?

We offer a variety of unique features that can be budgeted into the pool of your dreams. Some of the features we offer include:

  • Fountains/ deck jets
  • Lights/colour lights
  • Automatic/wireless remote pool covers
  • Shallow tanning ledges
  • Bench seating & swim up bar
  • Slides & diving rocks
  • Custom pool liners
  • Jumping rocks and natural surroundings customized to your liking
  • Surrounding stamped or brushed concrete to compliment the pool

How do I know when it’s time for a new pool liner?

The typical lifespan of a liner is 10-15 years! If you have had multiple patches to your liner, intense fading, or it doesn’t adequately hold water…It’s time to replace it!

How do I know if my pool fence satisfies local legislation requirements?

Building a secure fence around your pool to prevent possible accidents with children is important. Local London by-laws determine that the minimum height for a pool fence is 5ft. Auto-lock fences might also be beneficial as well. See the London by-law notice for all pool requirements on the City of London Website.

What size pump and filter do I really need?

Pumps and filters go by sq. ft of your pool. The size of the pump and filter is determined by the size of your pool! We recommend the VS Omni ™ Variable Speed Pumps 900-950 from Hayward’s pool equipment.

What can I expect to see during the construction process?

Throughout our building process, you can expect to see a gradual progress of your dream pool coming to life! Generally, we start with excavation, pour concrete, backfill; during these first steps of excavation your backyard may be rendered unusable and unsafe for kids. We add the pump and filter to the pool towards the end of the build. The process requires our team to get down (in the pool) and dirty for a week or two, and then finally, you’ll be able to swim in your oasis!

What information should I have available to get an accurate quote?

  • Your true budget
  • Your top priorities and intentions for your pool
  • The size of your backyard/space
  • 1 or 2 styles/shapes of pools you like. Visit Staycation Pools social media for inspiration!
  • Determine what safety measures need to be included within your pool space
  • Consider finishing touches you want and be upfront about them! It is much more efficient to fit them into the budget beforehand than in the middle of the build.

Does Staycation Pools provide a warranty for pools you build?

- Mechanical: equipment parts and labour have a 3-year warranty.
- There is a 7 year warranty on pool moving/cracking within our construction
- Pool Liners: there is warranty coverage on manufacturing defects; this is pro-