Equipment Guide:

Maintaining Your Pool


            Pool pumps come in various sizes and are made unique to serve certain pool styles. Having a pump that is too large or too small for your pool can be damaging to the pool water, the filter, and potentially your hydro bill. Staycations provides a variety of pump options through Energy-Star-certified Hayward Equipment to meet the needs of your pool and your wallet by offering state-of-the-art pump technology to ensure a programmable, speed-controlled and practically noiseless functioning pump for your pool. Check out some of Hayward’s pump options below!


          Nobody wants to swim in a murky, cloudy pool. Maintaining clear and healthy-looking pool water is essential! Our skin absorbs the water as we swim, making it imperative to reduce the amount of dirt and other harmful substances in pools the best that we can. Staycation Pools offers three different filtration systems from the Hayward company that can be installed to help your pool come to life in the best way possible:

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1. High-Rate Sand Filter: As the most popular filter option, sand filters are lower cost and generally require low maintenance. It uses specially graded silica, usually 45mm - 55mm in size, to trap the debris that gets forced into the filter with the pump. No chemicals are needed to clean the filter as they can resourcefully take any particles that could accumulate in a pool. Sand filters require regular backwashing about once per month or more if your filter has channels in it (large holes that allow debris through).


ProSeries™ by Hayward

2. Diatomaceous Earth Filter (D.E. Filter): D.E. filters pass water from the pool to filter grids coated with diatomaceous earth (a powder made from chemically inert, fossilized remains of sea organisms called diatoms). Most D.E. filters use a pressure gauge that tells you when the filter needs backwashing (when it reads 8-10 lbs, usually every month). After backwashing a D.E. filter, the dirty filter powder is discharged and fresh D.E. filter powder is added to the filter by pouring it into the skimmer. In other words, the powder does the filtering!

3. Cartridge Filters: In a cartridge filter, dirty water passes through a filter made from polyester cloth or corrugated paper. Instead of backwashing, you will remove the filter and hose it off. Although they cost less than D.E. filters and are less messy than sand filters, Cartridge filters may need to be cleaned at least every 6 months and should be replaced every 3-5 years.

DEP 500 Series pleated element .png

 DEP 500 Series Pleated Element D.E. Filter by Hayward

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SwimClear™ Multi-Element by Hayward

            Once you’ve made your investment in your backyard, you and your family will want to enjoy your efficiently heated pool as often as you can, year-round! Installing a pool heater from Hayward’s pool equipment will be part of your decision-making process for the installation. Staycation Pools has experience with a variety of high efficiency gas heaters like our favourite ones displayed below. For more in-ground pool heating options, visit Hayward’s website!



Provides the perfect water temperature - even under the harshest conditions - allowing you to swim longer into the evening hours, earlier in the spring and later in the fall.



At approximately 55 dB, Summit heat pumps are virtually silent from a few meters away. The industry’s ONLY Ultra Gold Corrosion- Resistant Evaporator Fin for ultimate durability.



Saves money by being the most energy efficient solution for any pool/spa. It's designed for ultimate performance, comfort and durability while being environmentally responsible


Click to view Hayward's ENERGYSTAR Certification Link

Chlorinators help to take some of the guess work out of pool maintenance. Having these devices in your pool means that your pool is getting precise amounts of chemicals it needs at the right times to ensure the chemical levels are correct. Finding a chemical feeder with a child/pet-safe lock on it is beneficial for safety reasons, as well as a feeder that has the chamber capacity for the size of your pool.


We recommend the AquaRite® Salt Chlorinators for saltwater pools and the AquaRite 100 for Chlorine pools by Hayward.


Solar Covers: Raises the temperature of your pool without a heater. This is more environmentally friendly; however it is dependent on the weather in your area and can sometimes be unreliable if you forget to put it on!


Safety Covers: Protect your family, pets, and your investment. These covers ensure your opening in the spring is cleaner and more efficient as there is little-to-no algae growth from fall to spring when a safety cover is used. These covers are made custom to fit your pool!


Automatic Covers: This is a special feature you will be glad you installed! Equipped with a WIFI touchpad to operate, pool covers become an easy task with just the touch of a button.  Automatic covers have the potential to save users hundreds of dollars on costs of pool heating, electricity, chemical use, and water evaporation!